Lyndsay Budgell

Founder of Total Recovery Massage Therapy & Wellness (formerly Shallow Lake Massage Therapy)
Lyndsay started her career solo, in a quaint room in a shared office with a pursuit of growth and
absolute passion for what she does. She has since grown the clinic beyond capacity and is gratefully
moving to a new, larger facility. Lyndsay’s goal for the new clinic is to create a comfortable, functional
space for all. It will offer even more complementary therapies and give her already thriving team room
to grow!

Lyndsay’s decision to become a massage therapist came as a second career choice. She chose to jump
into massage therapy with both feet and has never looked back. Throughout her formal education she
viewed massage therapy as a powerful recovery tool and less of just a relaxation treatment. She
understands body mechanics and various mechanisms of injury, as she is no stranger to injury herself.
With her life as an athlete, lifting career, multiple sustained injuries outside of sport, and accumulated
illness throughout her life, she has been given the chance to personally use massage therapy as a
recovery aid both for body and mind. Her interpretation of injury, ability to understand pain and her
knowledge to utilize massage therapy to relieve her own pain and discomfort has opened the door for
her and ultimately her team to assist so many others with theirs.
“Massage therapy is the most underrated recovery and prevention tool within the health
profession.”– Lyndsay Budgell

Treatment Style: Firm, meticulous pressure that gets to the point of the issue. Joint mobility, static
pressure, muscle imbalance corrections, tissue stretching, and dynamic movements are incorporated
throughout each massage treatment.

My Philosophy: Train hard, Recover Harder. Whatever you are doing, sports, working at a desk, training
athletes, walking dogs, etc. Recovery should have just as much focus and effort as your daily activities.

Core Values: Dependable, Compassionate, Forward- Thinking

Key to Successful Recovery: Consistency over need. Most patients come in because their body almost
literally needs a massage to get through their next week. They come in, have a massage, and leave for
another 2- 4 months hoping that one hour of treatment will get them through. They usually end up
coming back just as broken as the time before. Consistent treatment, even when you feel like your body
does not need it, is the key to a functional life.

Modalities I offer in Clinic: Deep Tissue, Mobility Assessments, Cupping Therapy, Laser/LED Therapy