Allie Vanderhoek

Reiki Practitioner
Over the years Allie has been journeying through her own personal healings. She has worked hard in seeking enlightenment through the uncomfortable moments; shedding light to her own anxieties, past traumas and healing from them. It has only been recently where she has been called to guide, support and navigate others on their own journey of self healing through the practice of energy work.

Allie’s focus has been on becoming more aware of ‘self' through the connection of breath, body and mind. When we become more present in our daily lives, we become more aware of our self. Allowing the flow of our intuition to connect deeply and coming into remembrance of who we are on a soul level. Allie is here to guide and support you back into that self awareness. Creating a safe space for you to release and heal from past traumas; anxieties and uncomfortable moments.

The biggest soul lesson she has learned thus far is that in our most uncomfortable moments; our fears and anxieties will always leads us to our biggest growth and transformations.

Allie is trained in Reiki/Energy Healing, Akashic Records Reading, Breath-work, Soul Path Integration and Galactic Shamanism.

Through her guidance, she is currently offering Reiki/Energy Healing sessions both distance and in person.

“Without darkness, there is no light”